The Master of Cosmic Energy
From interviev with V.A.Petrov

  Cosmoenergetics, a system of knowledge that suggested perhaps the most revolutionary hypothesis-genetic structures are unique cosmic wave antennae that can receive outer space waves of different frequency.
  The whole year Vladimir Petrov lived in a cave, just because he had bet it. He is sure a man should keep his word.
  Its founder Vladimir Petrov, now President of International Ecological Association Aurora Boreatis, the planet's coordinator is telling us about how it all started, fields of application of Cosmoenergetics and its development.

  When a young man Vladimir Petrov served in the Air Defence, there he got interested in the information on UFO.

  But he took real interest in the problem after acquainting himself with Juna Davitashvili's methods of work. Long ago she cured a child of bad asthma. He tried to follow Juna's methods of healing, made progress but still felt that he lacked something. He learned shaman's methods, was studying books about Indian shamen's practices, but he did not feel he found what he was looking for. So he addressed the Order of Russian sorcerers whose aim is to collect data on energies and methods of work with them. There he was given one frequency to heal people, then seven more but he was to decipher them himself. One frequency corresponds to one disease. If, for instance, you know the frequency corresponding to healthy liver you have to be tuned to it, and treatment begins. Now 3000 frequencies have been deciphered but for work one hundred is enough. Practically any person can be taught to heal. You only have to tune him to the necessary frequency but he should follow all your instructions.

  Ecological aspect of cosmoenergetics is also very important.

  Numerous experiments showed the influence of cosmoenergetics on bacteria and viruses which could have practical application of entirely new technologies for treating contagious diseases, to stop epidemics, in farming etc. Some ten years ago there were epidemics of cholera which were stopped with the help of Cosmoenergetics.

  Now a prepared operator-cosmoenergist can easily deal with a range of by influencing the patient's physical energetic structures. There are not very many advanced cosmoenergists-healers nowadays. Only one hundred years ago their methods undoubtedly would considered a miracle.

  Now Vladimir Petrov together with the international charity organisation Cleargreen is working on a project of teaching Cosmoenergetics to drug addicts. They get so interested that they forget drugs. Generally people practising cosmoenergetics change for the better they are less aggressive or irritated. Perhaps this is most important?

  He dreams that his grandchildren and greatgrandchildren will not know what a Kalasnikov is. He believes their participation and influence can make the world better and more kind.

  To be a competent cosmoenergist it is not enough to learn a hundred or two frequencies. It takes everyday hard work, talent, love to people, open-heartedness and unselfishness.

Olga Badyanova

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